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2015-05-26 00:16:24 by ArithmeticLogicUnit

     Hello I am ArithemeticLogicUnit I don't have much of anything I have a OK amount of effort put into this.

   All I really wan't is for you too not think of me as a part of the mass, but instead as an individual who wishes

        to express himself through artwork, and I may not be big like Tom Fulp, Sexual Lobster or any other

            Person like that, but I have a dream that maybe one day.... I just MIGHT make it to the top.








                              I hope you  enjoy what little content I have here to show you,

                                       and most of all thank you for veiwing my profile.





                                           ~Your's sincerly: ArithmeticLogicUnit~

Welcome to my profile!

2015-05-10 13:58:00 by ArithmeticLogicUnit


I am ArithmeticLogicUnit. Here you can see various artworks made by me. Such as the one below.


~Made By Arithmetic Logic Unit~